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Transcending the realm of simply constructing structures,
we construct the future of social infrastructures

SHO-BOND Group specializes in repairing and reinforcing social infrastructures such as bridges.

In Japan, "roads" have contributed to its rapid development ever since the post-war period of high economic growth. Bridges and tunnels have been indispensable in connecting the roads spanning nationwide. Now, they are major social issues due to their aging or damages from earthquakes and other causes. These issues are common to various structures and residential buildings, which were also developed rapidly in parallel with the roads.

Such underlying issues in social infrastructures have led to Japan's shift of focus from "building" to "maintaining".

For over half a century since its founding, SHO-BOND Group has served society not by constructing new social infrastructures, but by repairing and reinforcing infrastructures with the purpose to conserve them.

We provide comprehensive support in social infrastructure maintenance, with a focus on design and construction services as a construction company, together with services ranging from R&D of materials and construction methods, to manufacturing and sales of developed materials and construction methods.

Our feature and strength lie in our unparalleled and prominent comprehensive maintenance support.