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Securities code: 1414

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Policy

The Company recognizes corporate governance as one of the key management issues, with the primary objective to establish a sound and highly transparent management structure based on thorough compliance with laws and regulations to continuously enhance its corporate value.


President and Representative Director
Tatsuya Kishimoto
Kouyou Takeo
Shunya Toujou
Masayuki Yamaguchi
Yasuhiro Sekiguchi
Director(Full-time Audit Committee Member)
Shigeaki Suzuki
Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
Akira Hongo*
Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
Satoru Miura*
Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
Reiko Kuwano*

*Outside Director

Countermeasures against anti-social forces

1. Basic principles for elimination of anti-social forces
The Company will take a firm stand against anti-social forces, cutting off and eliminating any relationship whatsoever.
2. Status of efforts to eliminate anti-social forces
  • (1)The Company shall recognize that there are serious risks involved in having relationships with anti-social forces, and the following matters shall be the responsibilities of employees based on the Risk Management Rules.
    • Unreasonable demands must be handled with “refusal and not paying even a single yen,” and this basic principle shall override all other actions.
    • Problems must be settled through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), or entrusted to attorneys and/or other experts, subject to the approval of the Risk Management Committee. Use of any other third parties for this purpose must be strictly excluded.
    • Managers must always strive to acquire knowledge about how to reject unreasonable demands, and shall thoroughly inform his/her subordinates on this subject on a daily basis.
  • (2)Guidance and training must be thoroughly provided to employees through seminars, etc., to ensure prevention of loss or damage due to unreasonable demands by antisocial-forces.
  • (3)Efforts to gather the information related to anti-social forces must be made on a daily basis by having close communication with local police and businesses to ensure prevention of loss or damage.
  • (4)If any unreasonable demands by anti-social forces arise, they must be appropriately dealt with by consulting with and asking for guidance and instructions from legal advisors or police authorities as necessary.

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